Checking In…

Hi everyone, how have we all been?
How have we been coping? I just want to drop in to encourage us all with the words that have always helped me to get through though times … ‘this too shall pass’. The reminder that the trials and tribulations that I am currently going through will soon be over; by this time tomorrow or in the near future; the realisation that nothing lasts forever is a great comfort, and I want us all to take comfort in that knowledge today.

Today’s blog post will be ending here as I just wanted drop in and say a quick hello. Personally for me, times aren’t the best at the moment but like I said, this too shall pass! Let’s keep hoping and trusting in God.

Here’s a song that’s currently helping to bring me peace during these times. I hope you’re all blessed by it in Jesus’ name. Amen! And let me know, how are you keeping peace during these times? I’d love to hear from you.

Still – Hillsong United


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