Holiday Blues

It’s early but perhaps the right time. As we navigate towards the holiday season, I know that maybe people may start to feel blue; to feel a little bit lonely and sad around. I often find it ironic that the holidays focus around a theme of family and fun but, we often forget those who may not have families to celebrate with, or those who have family, but may have tough family relationships.

Loneliness is a thing that we all feel from time, and if you often feel chronic loneliness, please do reach out for help. But for those of us who are anticipating this holiday period to be especially difficult, I’m praying for you and sending love your way. If you can, try to focus on who you can give to and be there for. Often I’ve found giving to be therapeutic and a beautiful reminder that we can experience joy through bringing joy to others. Most importantly, it’s important to be honest and acknowledge the hardships we’re going through and go to God in prayer for his help and companionship, for the Holy Spirit is our great comforter1, and He’s promised that He’ll never leave or forsake us. We can pray to God for deeper friendships and for healing for our families because we know He can help and…

God sets the lonely in families...
Psalm 68:6a

There is hope yet, and we will get through this. In the meantime, do something for yourself that makes you feel special, and lean on God for help.

You’re loved,

1 John 14:26

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